Train Like A Pro!

No matter your sport or your perceived athletic ability, Toby’s Treadmill can help take your game to the next level. Toby’s Treadmills uses proven and researched based protocols to push athletes harder and faster than ever before. Running on two $30,000 custom treadmills built specifically for Toby Gerhart, athletes will use a combination of over-speed and incline protocols to ultimately become a better conditioned, stronger, faster, and better overall athlete.

You may ask how these treadmills differ from a normal treadmill?
My response, you must see it to believe it! The treadmill goes to extreme inclines (up to 30 degrees) and as fast as 30 mph. This treadmill is unlike any other, and these individualized protocols will push athletes harder than ever before.

Do you think you have what it takes? Make an appointment with Toby’s Treadmills and get a free training session or give us a call and mention you saw Toby’s Treadmills on Facebook and get a free trial training session with Bill Kohout.

Space and training times are limited so make an appointment today!

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